Top 2014 Blog Posts From The Osborne Group, Inc.

Happy New Year!
Top 2014 Blog Posts From The Osborne Group, Inc.
Definitely worth a read (or re-read). What will you do with this great information? What changes have you made or plan to make? We want to know. Let us hear from you.
Building Great Relationships. Start Here.

The Case for the Fundamentals
Yes, fundraising is changing and there are lots of exciting ideas out there. Check them out, embrace the ones that make sense. But don’t do it at the expense of the fundamentals.

She was a GREAT woman. Smart, talented, generous, gracious. She left us with a treasure trove of good advice. Maya Angelou

High Net-worth Individuals: Your Inspired, Joyful, Generous Donors. Follow the money!

December Glass Balls for Major Gift Teams. Advice for January 2015 as well!

If it were easy, we wouldn’t need you!

Spring is coming believe it or not. And along with spring comes special events – magical or deadly?