Three New Year’s Resolutions That Will Pay Off in More Major Gifts (and a happier you)!

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We do this: the annual New Year’s Resolutions to do more, be better.  We make a list of things we want to accomplish and hope sheer will power will overcome all the reasons we didn’t get there before. This list is different.

  • The payoff for each one is huge
  • You can start small and still win big
  • You can make each one fun, collaborative and personally rewarding
  1. Make February Donor Appreciation Month – 20 days, 20 personal “Thank You” calls.
    • If you’re in a small not-for-profit, get everyone involved.  If you’re in a large, complex institution get a small group from each school or division to participate.  Definitely enroll the mission staff (i.e. program, physicians, or faculty) and senior staff.
    • In January, identify your most important donors as well as your most loyal donors at each leadership and major gift level ($500+ for small shops; higher in bigger shops with more robust fundraising).  Put together a very short, quick brief on each — name, address, phone number, relationship (i.e. donor for x years, parent, trustee, alumnus, volunteer).  That’s all.  No research.  It’s just an appreciation call. 
    • Recruit your team.  Make it a contest, something fun.  Big announcement. Start with a few champions and go from there.
    • Assign 20 to each participating team member.  All they have to do is call and say, “Thank you again for all you do for our organization” – one person each day.
    • For the fund development staff, make 25% or more of them personal visits.
    • The results – happier donors, more leadership and major gifts, more staff members participating in fund development.

    2.   Make March Staff Appreciation Month

    • Say “Thank You” to every member of the “Thank You Calls Team,” to everyone who helped in fund development in any way.  “Thank you for your help.  Your contributions helped us serve and transform the lives of more people.  We appreciate you.”
    • The results – more collaboration, therefore more staff members participating in fund development resulting in more leadership and major gifts.

3.  Make 2013 Your Year to Say “Yes” to You (and therefore “No” to some other folks)

    • You know you should make more visits to more major gift donors and prospective donors.  Or maybe you have a hard time getting those contact reports written.  Perhaps you work too late in the office and therefore can’t workout, or date your spouse, or read to your children, or go to a movie with a friend.
    • What are you saying yes to that is neither “Important and Urgent,”* nor “Important but not Urgent?”* (*Stephen M. Covey). Is it a priority of someone else, a constant interrupter, meetings that drag on without clear outcomes, emails that are not important?  Pick one thing each day that falls into Covey’s “Not Important but Urgent”* box and just say “No.
    • The results – you will get more done, have better work/life balance, feel better, and, yes, therefore, raise more leadership and major gifts.  Guaranteed!

By Karen E. Osborne, President




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  1. Valery, Theresa, Yulanda,

    Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for the feedback. Do let us know how you implement these resolutions – how you tweak them and what results you get!

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