Real Social Innovation: The Dan Pallotta TED Talk Going Around…

Both Robert and Laura received emails from multiple friends and acquaintances with urgent pleas to “Watch this Dan Pallotta TED Talk RIGHT NOW!!!”  Being people who like our friends and acquaintances – and being intrigued by the fact that folks from very d5577fdfa6524f0b91a00fd8d9df84810fb5a10c_389x292different parts of our lives felt the need to pass this along – we did.  Perhaps you got some of these emails too?

We both had some things to say in response to this talk…  Our responses to Dan Pallotta in this TED 2013 talk follow this post.

Click here to open a new window and watch.  We bet that you will have some responses too after you see this…

Don’t have 18:51 to view this talk?  Here’s a synopsis in brief of the points Dan Pallotta makes:

  • The NFP sector has a serious role to play in social innovation and social entrepreneurship to address those 10% who will always be left behind by monetized market solutions.
  • The reasons that the NFP sector remains tiny compared to the massive scale of the social problems they seek to address are:
  1. Forced compensation disparity with the for-profit sector.
  2. Perception of investment in advertising and marketing among the NFP as “sinful”
  3. Lack of market for taking risks on new ideas…
  4. …tied to a lack of patience to allow organizations to build to scale…
  5. …tied to a lack of risk capital to invest in new ideas.
  • The sector is forced to remain a slave to low overhead costs at the expense of being able to scale their dreams to meet the need in society.

Our responses – and we hope yours… – follow.  Keep reading.

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